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New Product SHOWCASE from

Mac's Modeling,LLC.

updated 009/06/2015


This page is just to showcase a new product.

We are showcasing a product line from "EF Works" this time.  Click on the images for a larger view (even if it is a blank square)


EFworks has produced some interesting items, for MotoGP fans.

First item of interest are the various wheels and tires in Tire warmers, in 1:12 scale. They arrive completely painted and decaled, you just need to fit them to you model.  They have been produced to fit Tamiya kits and also Minichamps.

                Also rain tires with decals  


There are "Pit boards" available in 1:12 scale, for your favorite rider. You can see many examples here


Another of their items is a metal tire rack, which should hold 4 sets of tires. along with the tires, tire racks and
Diorama scenes offered    you can present your kit in many ways.


For their BIG item they produce some 1:8 scale rider suits dioramas. Some assembly is required for the box and stands, these will be quite impressive displayed  everything comes painted and decaled.


EF works does offer customized items to suit your needs so if you have any questions or orders please email us at orders@macsmodeling.com and put EFworks in the subject line.


These items are listed on the "Pre-Order" page.




Links to previous Showcase items.
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Reference books by Komakai

MFH McLaren MP4/23 Curbside kits

AZMP M23 1220 Front brake ducts for 1976 1:12 M23.
AZMP M23 1218 Short nose and wings, plus AZMP M23 1210 front bulkhead/firewall
AZMP M23 1208 Narrow nose for 1:12 Tamiya M23
AZMW12001 Wheels for 1:12 Tamiya Ferrari 312B
AZRM 1:12 Mesh Velocity Stack covers

Scale Spark plug wire
CRAFT1O figures
ICON Automotive miniatures, Rain tires
AZRM 1:20 scale Anodized wheels

Widia Velocity Stacks, P001

AZM BL-16-041 braided hose

AZRM colored heat shrink tubing

1:12 scale Motorcycle chains
1:12 scale Motorcycle figures