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4910 E. Charter Oak Rd. Scottsdale, AZ. 85254.  Tel: 480-258-1050


New Product SHOWCASE from

Mac's Modeling,LLC.

updated 03/02/2014


This page is just to showcase a new product.

We are showcasing a couple of products from this time.  Click on the images for a larger view


The Inlet manifolds for the Ford DFV engine, 1:12 scale part # AZMP DFV 12004. These are for those who really want detail as the throttle slides will actually move. So if you build an engine with complete throttle linkage you will be able to have it operational.



Each manifold consists of a white metal bottom, which is machined to accept the throttle slide. The top of the manifold will hold the slide in place, just like the real thing. Although the jig looks quite simple, it took quite a while to figure out and manufacture first.



Included are Photo etched throttle slides, simulated velocity stack retaining washers, along with the clips to attach the springs to. Also included is a Photo etch template to enable the drilling of the mounting holes in the bottom manifold, and the engine block, if you require.


Depending on how adept you are with photo etch and the springs, it may be worth while running a piece of thread through the inside of the springs, pinching the thread in the PE throttle slide, sliding the springs on, then attach the thread to the PE clip on the top of the manifold. The springs on the real engine protect a wire that runs through the middle of them.....they are NOT return springs for the slide.


We will not show a completely assembled set until all the machining is completed.


Quite a number of detail "cap screws" will be required to complete the assembly. 80 to be precise.

You will need to drill out the holes to suit the size of detail cap screws you want to use:
RB Motion cap screws #1709, you will need 4 packets. Hole size required 0.33MM Diameter (0.013" Dia.)

Tuner Model Manufacturer cap screws # T2M1021, again you will need 4 packets. Hole size required 0.3mm Dia. (0.012" Dia)


If you order a set of these now, up to March 15th, you will receive "pre-order" pricing on them. They will retail at $55.00 per set.


The other item from is the Photo Etch rear view mirror brackets as used on the McLaren M23 on the 1973 and 74 cars. These are far more accurate than the ones offered in the kit and will still accept the kit mirrors. Part # AZMP M23 1227





Only $9.00 per set, available for immediate shipping.


There are more items available now from check out the "Pre-Order" page.




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