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New Product SHOWCASE from Mac's Modeling,LLC.

updated 2/6/11


This page is just to showcase a new product.

New from

This showcase is for the new 1:12 scale Plug wire AZMP12001. It is actual scale 9mm plug wire and very flexible. It will also hold the shape you bend it to. Its core is multi strand copper wire 29 gauge which allows such flexibility.


Here are the prototype Plug seal cap (more about those later), DFV-1201 cam cover and a piece of the plug wire Click the image for a larger view.


(I have had trouble reproducing the "plug seal cap" so I asked Tameo for help. They are going to try making them from injected rubber and will send me a sample when done. Anyway.....)


I have inserted the plug seal cap just so you see how it looks. In this image I have inserted the piece of plug wire so you can see it will still stay in a shape that you leave it. Also how it fits perfectly in the "seal cap".


It can be bent in any direction to suit your application. It is supporting itself in this picture.


I find this wire to be far superior to anything else I have tried. (I could be biased) It is being sold for $6.00 per pack of wire which is 30" long, (Part # AZMP-12001) more than enough to complete one 1:12 kit with a V8 engine.  These are available now.


After some inquiries, I have produced the same for 1:20 scale plug wires, Part # AZMP-20001 these are ready for sale now for $6.00 per pack. They will be the same price, but only 24" lengths as the wire is more expensive. It will have the same 29 gauge multi strand copper wire core as the 1:12 scale and therefore have the same bending and shape holding properties.


Please use the order form





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