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New Product Showcase from AZRM

updated 9/20/2010


This page is just to showcase a new detail product.

I have just added some more colors to the "Shrink Tube". I have been searching for ages to find the right stuff, well I believe I have.


There are now nine different packages. Each packet has 4 pieces, 3" long.. Five of them are 1/16" ID and will shrink down to 1/32" ID. Four are 1/8" ID and will shrink down to 1/16" ID.


We have a set that is Blue part # AZM BL 116 .  Black part # AZM BK 116 And a combination set I affectionately call the Rolling Stones set..................Black & Blue. :)  # AZM BKL 116

And now included is Red part # AZM RD 116 , Green part # AZM GN 116 , and in 1/8" ID in Blue, Part # AZM BL 125  , Black part # AZM BK 125 ,  Green part # AZM GN 125 The green is like a "Pea green" in shade. And finally Red Part# AZM RD 125

The reason I really like this shrink tube is because it actually looks like rubber hose, it has a semi-matt look to it. Unlike some which is really glossy. This is available now in the "Finishing Materials" Store for the measly amount of $2.00 per pack.


The material shrinks in diameter 2 times, but very little in length as you can see in the picture below. I used a heat gun manufactured by Milwaukee. It is a 1200 watt gun and I had it set to Medium heat.



The Brass tube at the top is 0.050" diameter and the pieces of shrink tube are approximately 1/8" long, That is the "unshrunk" tube in the middle and the bottom Brass tube is 1/32" diameter. Unfortunately the wall thickness does not shrink very much at all, So on real small tubing it is not so good, but for various tubes on 1:20 and 1:12 scale it will work great.


Below you can see the Blue shrink tube that is 1/8" ID that will be ideal for 1:12 scale. It is available I just need to post a picture. I will also be getting that in Black.





I have actually fitted the 1/8" ID over a piece of Brass tube that is 5/32" OD and then slide a 3/32" OD tube inside that and used High heat on the gun to see if the stretched part would didn't! So very versatile. There is the result once the tubes were removed, a perfectly symmetrical "boot". It's uses are only limited by your imagination. ;) Possibilities are endless!


Technical details for 1/16" ID: Material - Polyolefin, wall thickness when Shrunk = 0.017"

Technical details for 1/8" ID: Material - Polyolefin, wall thickness when Shrunk = 0.020"


I will introduce some different heat shrink tube shortly, which should work for the much smaller items.


One other thing about this material, you don't have to use it as a shrink tube, you can use it as-is for tubing.


If you have any questions, or want to order some, please email me at




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