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P.O. Box 14572, Scottsdale, AZ. 85267.  Tel: 480-258-1050


New Product Showcase from AZRM

updated 9/20/2010


This page is just to showcase a new detail product.

I have just added some more colors to the "Shrink Tube". I have been searching for ages to find the right stuff, well I believe I have.


There are now nine different packages. Each packet has 4 pieces, 3" long.. Five of them are 1/16" ID and will shrink down to 1/32" ID. Four are 1/8" ID and will shrink down to 1/16" ID.


We have a set that is Blue part # AZM BL 116 .  Black part # AZM BK 116 And a combination set I affectionately call the Rolling Stones set..................Black & Blue. :)  # AZM BKL 116

And now included is Red part # AZM RD 116 , Green part # AZM GN 116 , and in 1/8" ID in Blue, Part # AZM BL 125  , Black part # AZM BK 125 ,  Green part # AZM GN 125 The green is like a "Pea green" in shade. And finally Red Part# AZM RD 125

The reason I really like this shrink tube is because it actually looks like rubber hose, it has a semi-matt look to it. Unlike some which is really glossy. This is available now in the "Finishing Materials" Store for the measly amount of $2.00 per pack.


The material shrinks in diameter 2 times, but very little in length as you can see in the picture below. I used a heat gun manufactured by Milwaukee. It is a 1200 watt gun and I had it set to Medium heat.



The Brass tube at the top is 0.050" diameter and the pieces of shrink tube are approximately 1/8" long, That is the "unshrunk" tube in the middle and the bottom Brass tube is 1/32" diameter. Unfortunately the wall thickness does not shrink very much at all, So on real small tubing it is not so good, but for various tubes on 1:20 and 1:12 scale it will work great.


Below you can see the Blue shrink tube that is 1/8" ID that will be ideal for 1:12 scale. It is available I just need to post a picture. I will also be getting that in Black.





I have actually fitted the 1/8" ID over a piece of Brass tube that is 5/32" OD and then slide a 3/32" OD tube inside that and used High heat on the gun to see if the stretched part would split...........it didn't! So very versatile. There is the result once the tubes were removed, a perfectly symmetrical "boot". It's uses are only limited by your imagination. ;) Possibilities are endless!


Technical details for 1/16" ID: Material - Polyolefin, wall thickness when Shrunk = 0.017"

Technical details for 1/8" ID: Material - Polyolefin, wall thickness when Shrunk = 0.020"


I will introduce some different heat shrink tube shortly, which should work for the much smaller items.


One other thing about this material, you don't have to use it as a shrink tube, you can use it as-is for tubing.


If you have any questions, or want to order some, please email me at AZRMParts@macsmodeling.com




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