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P.O. Box 14572, Scottsdale, AZ. 85267.  Tel: 480-258-1050


New Product Showcase from AZRM

updated 12/17/09 


This page is just to showcase a new product.

There is a new kid on the block offering parts "ICON Automotive Miniatures"

This is the first parts from him. Rain tires for the Tamiya kit # 20058 Tyrrell P34 6 wheeler. Part #RT-2001 so you can build the car as raced in the Japanese GP of 1976.



I know Derek spent a lot of time researching to get the correct tread pattern. These tires are made from resin, which he also researched to get the correct one, which accepts dye's.


He has used metal slugs in the center of the tires, to maintain a consistent inner bore, and makes it much simpler to install the tires. For a first time product for sale, I think he has done an excellent job. If you go to http://www.f1m.com/main/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=12166 you can see what customers are saying.




I have to say I am very impressed with the way the color mixed with the resin. That is the first I have seen mix to such a nice solid Black. It will of course be up to the individual if you paint the tires or not.


He has done a nice job with the instructions as well. Easy to follow and plenty of detail "how to" ready the tires and wheels.


There is very little clean-up to do. Congratulations to Derek.


I am so impressed with the way these turned out, I am considering the resin option for the tires on the Lotus 72C project.





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