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Macís Modeling LLC

News letter Vol. 16, Issue 7


I hope you are all still keeping safe and building models while this Corona virus is going around.


I still want to emphasize a point on ordering, we need you to place your orders in the form of an email to orders@macsmodeling.com, this will prevent misplaced orders. Also DO NOT make payments before receiving an invoice. Also, please do not reply to emails that have your PayPal invoice. I rarely check that address, maybe once per month.

Apparently, some of you cannot download the Excel Order form. Don't worry if you can't, just send your email order with what you want in the body of the email.


Model News

: The 1:20 scale McLaren M23 to change it from the 1976 late version, to earlier versions will now be released in November. I am just deciding on the packaging. There are some other interesting items in the pipeline for future release, including a 1:9 scale Norton Wideline Featherbed frame. It is accurate in dimension and shape and designed to replace the Manx Norton Frame in the Italeri/Protar kits. It's listed in the Pre-order page.

: I am finalizing the latest order, so please if you have anything you want from them, let me know before Thursday. They have also announced a new 1:12 scale full detail kit of the McLaren F1 GTR, 1995 LM winner model K756, price unknown as yet. You can find it on the Pre-order page. Remember order any pre-orderes or special orders from MFH receive a 10% discount.

You should know the system now, but just in case you don't..........send your order via email to orders@macsmodeling.com and what you would like in the body of the email, or attach a completed order form.

No new news on Ebbro products.

I have started getting items from BBR on a more regular basis, which includes 1:43 kits as well as built models. They have all been special order, but I am going to start including them on the website so you can see what is available.

: Have a few projects in the works. Ferrari F1-89 Portugal will be available towards the end of November. Check out all available Pre-Orders on the Pre-order page.

STUDIO 27: If you want anything from Studio 27. We will still be able to get their products. It might be slow sometimes. Send your order to orders@macsmodeling.com and put ST27 in the subject line and what you want in the body of the email.

I am placing another order this week as some items sold out very quickly from the last order, so if you want something let me know before Thursday.
If you want something we do not have in stock, now is the time to order it.

 There is a December release announced for the Martini Porsche 935 with PE parts. It will retail at 16,000JPY, pre-order for a discount. Email order@macsmodeling.com if you want one.

:  There has been a lot of news floating around the internet regarding the RS-002 1:12 Ford GT40. The truth of the matter is; the recommended Retail price is 50,000JPY or $499.99 and it is due to be released in December. I asked MENG for wholesale pricing direct...they required me to spend $15,000.00 as a minimum order, every order. NOT happening! However, I can buy through a distributor enabling me to offer these for a pre-order price of between 35,000 and 40,000JPY depending on shipping cost. To get this pricing you need to place your pre-order by November 13th, because my cut-off is November 14th. I will require a 15% deposit on these.

  :  If you want any products from these companies please send your emails to orders@macsmodeling.com

: Their latest 1:20 scale F1 Model is the McLaren MP4/2C from 1986, Portugal. It was due to be released in July 2020. Now it's November. You can pre-order now if you want one.

GP Car Story,:  Vol. 33 is on the Tyrrell 020 expected in November. Vol. 34 is due in December, but we don't know what it covers yet.

RACERS: Vol. 58 Looks like it is covering the Electric bike, Moto E and TT. Due in December


We have new releases arriving soon. Check out the Ref Material page and the Pre-Order page  have a good look through the list, you just may find something you "must have". ;) If you have any suggestions for material, let us know

Thank you, ahead of time, for your efforts in doing this.


If you do not want to receive these News Letters, please email me by reply and simple write "REMOVE me from your list". I have discovered that there are some of you that receive the News Letter who are not even on the list, so if that is the case I will inform you so you can block them.

Mac, Don

Link to Vol. 16, Issue 6