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The Latest News
Macís Modeling LLC

I hope you are all still keeping safe and building models while this Corona virus is going around.
We are still having email issues, hopefully I will have them sorted out this week. If you do not get a response within 48 hours email me at iammacf1@gmail.com

We will not be shipping any packages via USPS until the first week of January. They are in such a mess with Covid-19 and Christmas shipping, packages are going all over the country before getting to the correct destination. If we can ship via FedEx economically (within the USA) we will.


Model News

We have negotiated a Dealer program for Hobby Design items. We tried this when they first started out, but we could not agree on terms. The terms have changed over the years, but not to our advantage unless we can make large orders. That said, we will be able to get their items more easily going forward and we can se exactly what is available.
No one asked about or ordered any Hobby Design parts so, I picked some items I thought would sell. They are already Enroute and should arrive soon. I have also made a page just for Hobby Design items.

We can also buy Alfa Model kits direct now. So if you would like any of those please let us know.

We have also established an account with Renaissance now and the first order arrived, I am going to put a separate page on the website for Renaissance. I'm hoping that will make it easier to find things.

For those of you that are looking for 1:20 scale Mercedes F1 cars by "New Scratch" order them now, I will be getting some on the next MFH order, as with some of the other kits MFH sold at their Japanese Bazzar.

Have announced the release of the 3rd Super detail set for the Tamiya 1:12 Williams FW14B, TD23258 is the Brake set and will retail at $80.00. I can add these to my current order, so please let me know if you want a set.


Mac, Don

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