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News letter Vol. 13, Issue 2


Macís Modeling LLC


I think all of you are aware of what happened with me through 2016 by now.

Just to let you know, I have only received one new granite job so far this year. That means financially I am in a big hole. To resolve this I have taken a full time job to give me a steady monthly income. I should start today or tomorrow. It's not a fantastic job, it only pays minimum wage, but will pay my bills. Got to do what you got to do. ;) As it is a full time job it means I will be working Mac's Modeling when I'm not working the full time job. It will be hard for me, but I will benefit from having a steady income and will also allow me to purchase items for stock. It will also benefit all of you.

There are going to be some other changes as well: I will be charging a Non refundable deposit for Pre-orders and special orders. This is a necessary evil I have been forced into.

International shipping has also increased, that is incoming to me, which may make a difference on some discounts. Domestic shipping has also increased this year and I have no control over that.

Due to some recent requests I have contacted "Spark" models about wholesale purchasing, I should receive their requirements in the next few days. We were also contacted by "X3" models. They produce some nice 1:43 kits. However, I have to have more discussions with them about buying from them as the discounts they are offering are not very good at all, at the moment.


I do want to emphasize a point on ordering, especially as we are so busy; by all means phone in your order, but we need you to confirm it in writing in the form of an email to orders@macsmodeling.com, this will prevent misplaced orders.

Apparently, some of you cannot download the Excel Order form. Don't worry if you can't, just send your email order with what you want in the body of the email.

One last note: If you receive an email that says you owe xxxxxxJPY (an amount in Japanese Yen) please pay in JPY, NOT US Dollars. It costs me money to change it to JPY.
If you want to pay in US Dollars email me and I will give you an amount to pay in US dollars


Model News

: I am sure you have all seen the Vincent Black shadow in 1:9 scale that is released, K567. Listed in the 1:12 Bike store. A beautiful kit retailing at 53,000JPY (10% discount if you order one now). Also, the release of the Ferrari D50 in 1:12 scale. Another amazing kit from them in four versions: K580, K581, K582 and K583 all listed on the Pre-order page. Retail is 80,000JPY, but again you will receive a 10% discount for your pre-order. I am closing this months order today. So any new orders will go onto the next order.

You should know the system now, but just in case you don't..........send your order via email to orders@macsmodeling.com with MFH in the subject line, and what you would like in the body of the email, or attach a completed order form.

STUDIO 27: If you want anything from Studio 27. Send your order to orders@macsmodeling.com and put ST27 in the subject line and what you want in the body of the email.

I am placing a new order with Top Studio this week and want to finalize it this weekend. So if there are any other items from Top Studio that you want, and we do not have in stock, let us know in the next 48 hours and you will get the same discount as a pre-order.

efworks: A new kid on the block see the New Products Showcase. They are producing some 1:12 Wheels with tire warmers, rain tires with decals, items for dioramas and more. They offer customization of their items for your individual needs as well.

I am asking HLJ for an invoice this week, so expect to see invoices from me for all the items you have ordered, Tamiya, Fujimi, F1 Modeling and multiple other magazines. If you would like any Tamiya kits or parts not on the website, please send an email to orders@macsmodeling.com put Tamiya in the subject line and what you would like in the body of the email.

If you would like any new releases, kits or anything else they offer that we do not have, please send an email to orders@macsmodeling.com put Hasegawa in the subject line and what you would like in the body of the email.

If there is anything else you would like from Fujimi please send an email to orders@macsmodeling.com and put Fujimi in the subject line and what you would like in the body of the email.

I am waiting on an invoice from Tameo, which I should receive tomorrow (Friday) so I will start invoicing you all, when that arrives, for the items you have coming. I will then be taking orders for the Next Tameo order. Please send your email to Tameo@macsmodeling.com . Thank you!

: We will be receiving the Lotus 88, 88B, MP4/30 Japan, MP4/31 Spain in the HLJ shipment. They have also announced the release of the Brabham Honda BT18, F2 car, 1966. You can pre-order this. Still no news as to when their Lotus 49B will actually be released. Right now they say May.



We are always adding more reference material. Check out the Ref Material page  If you have not had a look lately, have a good look through the list, you just may find something you "must have". ;) If you have any suggestions for material, let us know

You will notice I keep mentioning sending orders to orders@macsmodeling.com with different titles in the Subject line. I REALLY want you to follow these instructions, PLEASE!

I have created "filters" in the orders@macsmodeling.com so the emails will go into the correct folder for Manufacturers etc. That way I know where to look for orders for different manufacturers, rather than having to go through every email to find your order. You can still use the order form, but most important is you put the Manufacturer in the subject line. If you have something you want from multiple Manufacturers, just put "Multiple Order" in the subject line, fill out and attach the Excel Order Form. If you cannot download the order form, just put what you want in the body of the email. I hope that is clear......................probably as mud. ;)

Tameo and This Way Up are the exceptions: Because Tameo, on their website, have Tameo@macsmodeling.com as a way to contact me for customers, any Tameo items should be ordered there. And This Way Up orders should be sent toTWU@macsmodeling.com

Thank you, ahead of time, for your efforts in doing this.


If you do not want to receive these News Letters, please email me by reply and simple write "REMOVE me from your list". I have discovered that there are some of you that receive the News Letter who are not even on the list, so if that is the case I will inform you so you can block them.

Mac, Don

Link to Vol. 13, Issue 1