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News letter Vol. 15, Issue 1


Macís Modeling LLC


Recovery is a slow process, but thanks to all of you and your support Mac's Modeling will continue for a long time. This News Letter is the First official one of 2019. And a short one.

The BIG news is I have finally received a response from Tameo and will be able to buy from them again. The bad news is the built models I missed are no longer available. I apologize for missing out on those, so only new ones will be able to be purchased. I have to work out details with them, but this is good news as, currently, we will be the only official distributor in North America.

We have also reestablished our account with HLJ. We have an order with them at present.

I have updated the Pre-order page and also added a lot of images for the magazines that were missing before. With help from Scott in Australia the website problems have been fixed so the URL www.macsmodeling.com is the only one you need now. It's still not advanced for searching easily, but we will figure that out eventually. ;)


I do want to emphasize a point on ordering, we need you to place your orders in the form of an email to orders@macsmodeling.com, this will prevent misplaced orders.

Apparently, some of you cannot download the Excel Order form. Don't worry if you can't, just send your email order with what you want in the body of the email.

One last note: If you receive an email that says you owe xxxxxxJPY (an amount in Japanese Yen) please pay in JPY, NOT US Dollars. It costs me money to change it to JPY.
If you want to pay in US Dollars email me and I will give you an amount to pay in US dollars


Model News

: We received the January order from MFH just this week. A little later than I expected, but they holding on for the January re-releases to be ready. I have placed the order for February, and I'm sure there will be a second order in February for the pre-ordered Ferrari 640 and 315/355 kits, which we now know the retail price. I will be sending out invoices soon I'm sure for those.

You should know the system now, but just in case you don't..........send your order via email to orders@macsmodeling.com and what you would like in the body of the email, or attach a completed order form.

STUDIO 27: If you want anything from Studio 27. We will still be able to get their products. Send your order to orders@macsmodeling.com and put ST27 in the subject line and what you want in the body of the email.

If there are any items from Top Studio that you want, and we do not have in stock, let us know as that will help me put an order together.

    : If you want any products from these companies please send your emails to orders@macsmodeling.com I'm sure it will help in my efforts to re-open my account with HLJ



We got behind on these books and we have a lot more on order which are ready to ship. Check out the Ref Material page  have a good look through the list, you just may find something you "must have". ;) If you have any suggestions for material, let us know

Thank you, ahead of time, for your efforts in doing this.


If you do not want to receive these News Letters, please email me by reply and simple write "REMOVE me from your list". I have discovered that there are some of you that receive the News Letter who are not even on the list, so if that is the case I will inform you so you can block them.

Mac, Don

Link to Vol. 14, Issue 1
Link to Vol. 15, Issue 2.