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Tiger I tank MK002

The milestone item of the Military genre ,the new main series from MFH. The TIGER I Ultimate Kit, will be presented in 1/35 scale and the 2nd product of the Ultimate Kit product line.
This TIGER I presents the ultimate level of detail with a brand new view of aspect.

■This kit is based on late production type in 1944, with the new type cupola and steel-made wheels.

■This multi-material kit consists of parts that made of White Metal, Resin, Aluminum alloys, Photo etch sheets, Screen Printing Decal sheet, Magnets, and more.

■This kit includes full detailed interior parts of Maybach HL230 Engine, the mission and radiator, fuel tank, internal structures of the turret and ammo.
   The upper part of the turret and the body is attached by magnet and can be attached and detached easily to show the interior parts.

■The track can be assembled easily and making the model more realistic and to let you feel the weight. Also, it is totally movable.

■The suspension is attached by magnets in order to let it move as the real tank does.

■The muzzle brake is made of UV photopolymer using laser lithography, to reproduce the internal details and the rifling. The barrel is made of Aluminum alloy and the recoil action can be reproduced with the spring installed.

■The taper-shape antenna is using fibre and bendable. 

■The Zimmerit Coating is using the new-developed 3D Decal sheet that included in the kit. The uneven surface can be easily done by using this sheet.

Click on thumbnails to see a larger image. The Images "Tiger Bag 1 thru bag 5" are so you can check your parts.