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AZRM Wheel set for McLaren MP4/6 1:12 Scale

AZMW 12003 updated 07/31/15
Brake sets designed to work with these are to follow.

These are machined parts to replace the kit parts for better detail.
They will include in each set:

2 x Rear Outer rims (Anodized Black)
2 x Front Outer rims (Anodized Black)
4 x Inner Rims (Same for front and rear)
4 x Air-valves

The first Images below are "rendered" from my software. The rest are the actual parts as they come out of the machine shop. Some extra work was required before anodizing. You can see everything and how to put them together in the images below.. Click the thumbnails for a larger image

NOTE: If you plan to use the Thunder Valley brake set with these wheels, everything fits except the Wheel Nuts. They are the incorrect shape; the boss on the back of the nut needs to be removed to allow them to fit.

Some small burrs were discovered and needed to be cleaned up.

After cleaning the burr's cross lines were remaining which need to be removed before anodizing.

Finally the wheels are ready for anodizing

Wheels returned from Anodizing

Some parts are a very tight push fit. You will need to sit them on a flat, clean surface as shown, with the other half resting in the correct place, on top

With something clean, flat and hard, that will not damage the rim push down very hard, evenly until the two faces meet all the way around.

This is how they should look after.

Air-valve installed.