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AZRM Brake set for Ferrari 641/2
Designed to work with AZMW 12004 Wheel sets.

AZMB 12004 Updated 08/29/15

These are machined parts to replace the kit parts for better detail.
They will include in each set:

2 x Rear hats.
2 x Front hats
2 x Axles with right hand threads
2 x Axles with left hand threads
2 x Nuts with left hand threads
2 x Nuts with right hand threads
4 x Disc rotors
32 x Simulated bolts
32 x Simulated nuts
64 x Washers

Click on thumbnails for a full size picture (even if it is an empty quare you will get to see the picture)

Computer rendering of rear brake assembly

Computer rendering of assembled disc set.

Actual axle and nut with left hand thread

Computer rendered brake disc

Actual discs for the MP4/6 sets AZMB 12002D

Actual disc for MP4/6 set. Made from Delrin

Actual disc for MP4/6 made of delrin. Unfortunately none of the disc pictures are very good.

Computer rendering of the front brake hat

Computer rendering of a right hand threaded wheel nut