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1:12 Wheels

Updated 9/28/06

Prototype wheel progress. Once I have machined the first sets, I can then have them produced in quantities needed. I am thinking of a limited run of 100 sets of each. I will then have them anodized black. Well they have been machined and are at the anodizing shop.  There will be 150 sets total.

This is the prototype rim outside view in the middle of the three plastic wheels for MP4/6, 641/2 and FW14B

This is actually the front wheel center blank for the MP4/6

Inside view of the prototype MP4/6 along with the view of the three plastic wheels.

Rim inserted into tire to check fit, perfect! Outside view.

Inside view.

Wheel with center blank inserted, to check for weight in tire stood up. No problem!

A bunch of the rear wheel blanks sitting in egg crates

2 rear wheel center blanks close up

Front wheel rims, back side machined.

There are more front wheel rims in the egg crates below. In the top right corner, those egg crates hold the rear wheel rims, all covered with a towel.

This is the finish I am going for. Not a bright, brand new look, but more realistic "handled" dull finish.

The machine the parts were made on.

Rear Wheel centers

Front Wheel Centers

Front Wheel Rims

Rear Wheel Rims

Bare wheels, Front on the right and rear on the left, with tires fitted

Rear wheel

Front wheel. I was going to paint the wheels so you could see roughly how they would look, but I decided against it. The next update will be complete, anodized assembled wheels.

From the PP brake set: washer on right and the brass nut. The aluminum part is made by me to replace the PP washer, which is too small and unrealistic.

It will come with the wheel set, you just glue it to the back side of the nut, which will then resemble the real wheel nut.

You can see the difference here with the two different "washers".

This is the front wheel asembled with the PP axle, nut (AZRM washer) hub and disc. To show it all goes together nicely.

Just a different view to try and show the washer on the back of the nut. It is very hard to see, but if you download the picture, you can blow it up and see it.

Same wheel with the PP washer behind the nut. It falls into the chamfer of the bore. Too small. Again it is hard to see, but download and blow it up.

Tape applied to protect finish while "center-popping" and drilling hole for valve stem.

I wrap the wheel with masking tape to protect it while drilling.

The valve stems, produced by Robert "RB Motion" I'm sure you are familiar with his work.

The anodized rear wheel center. It's a little difficult to see the detail now. I think they look good!

The set, well almost, the tyre does not come with it and there are a couple of other washers not shown. Front wheel assembled woth valve stem, and Tire mounted.

Rear wheel assembled, without Valve stem. With the extra size that came with anodizing, the wheel center "snaps" into place, a great puss fit, no need for glue at all.

Front wheel with axle, nut and washer in place.

This is everything you get in the set. 2 rear wheel rims and centers, 2 Front wheel rims and centers, wire to make locating pins, 4 valve stems, 4 beveled washers, one 1/32" drill bit and one #75 drill bit.