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MotoGP of USA 2007, Laguna Secca
Part 1. The Trip to and the MotoGP Race at Laguna Seca...Minus 125 & 250 races, AGAIN!

The Trip Begins!  July 16th. 2007...... Above Alex Barros enters the Corkscrew

Dave turned up on the 16th in Phoenix. A day early so we could relax and get everything under control.

I, of course, did not manage to get all I needed done before I had to be at the airport. I did get all the packages put together, so I took them with me.

I decide I should park the car at the airport because there is always delays…………….as I arrive on the 5th floor of the parking lot; Dave calls and says he is on the North curb. J So I make my way back down to arrivals, and there he is. As usual in T-shirt and shorts with his flat top haircut (Real American is our Dave). ;)

We take off to get some lunch. I decide we are going to Peshcie’s (or something like that.) A friend of mine (Jennifer) is working there and I have not seen her for many months.  We arrive only to find they are closed on Monday’s. L

OK! Off to the Post office and mail out the packages.

So then we go to the Tilted Kilt for lunch and scenery. J Krista, Lindsey and Dave are working, so service is good.

We get back to my place and set back to relax, after I get online and answer emails, pack up the final lot of packages to send out before we leave.

We watch the Dutch TT as a warm-up to going to Laguna Seca, followed by Germany. Fell asleep half way through the German MotoGP, just because I was tired.

Tuesday July 17th.
I get up early as usual and putz around (online, emails, etc.) as Dave is still asleep on the sofa. He finally wakes up about 9:00am.

I am deciding what I should do and take, when the phone rings. It’s the RV rental company; apparently I said I would pick up the trailer at 9:00am today and it was 9:30am………Ooops! We have to go past Benson, AZ. to get the trailer, which is approx. a 2 ½ hour drive!

Big rush! No packing! Pile the packages into the truck and drive to get the Trailer. It’s the same one we had last year, so we are familiar with it. We arrive, Hook it up and take off. We know what we're doing.

We stop at Benson for fuel, as the truck is only going to get, MAYBE 7mpg! But it's a HEMI! J The rental company calls, and says they forgot to give us the keys to the trailer. So we wait in Benson while they bring us the keys. They are only 20 miles away so it’s not that bad.

We head back to Scottsdale and the Post Office where we arrive 20 minutes before closing, but at least everything was mailed.

We go to Costco and fill up with fuel, 23 gallons(US) 161 miles we covered, yup! 7mpg.

Off to Home Depot for a generator. Then back to my place to pack and load everything for the trip.

We finally leave at 7:30pm, which is fine as we have plenty of time to get to Laguna Seca. At 11:30pm. we stop at Pacheco Peak for a nap……………which turned into; until 7:00am. ;)

Wednesday July 18th.
After a couple of uneventful fuel stops we arrive at Buellton, CA. and have Lunch at Bakers Square.

There is a little area for dogs, “City”, “Home”, and “Country”, on the side of the road, by the motels here that I find amusing. J

We take off and arrive in Monterey at about 5:00pm. Of course we have to go to the “Happy Dragon” for dinner. (unfortunately the regular beauty is not working.) Then to Safeway’s for supplies. Then it’s back to Laguna Seca and find out what we can do about camping for tonight. $30.00 for a “Hook-up” site right next to the bathrooms and real close to the entrance, seemed just fine! J

I tried to get online with my new Broadband connection, which is really slow, more like “Dial-up”.  I did manage to reply to some emails, but not all. It was taking for ever! Time for a beer and a sleep. ;) See you tomorrow!



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