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The Latest News
Macís Modeling LLC

I want to thank everyone that has helped out the last couple of days. It is greatly appreciated.
We are still having email issues, but different ones now. I hope it is not causing you any difficulties.


Model News

We have negotiated a Dealer program for Hobby Design items. Unfortunately, they have not seen fit to put Mac's Modeling on their website as a distributor, even asking them to multiple times. The result of that is no one apart from you knows I can get the parts. That said, we will be able to get their items more easily going forward and we can se exactly what is available.
No one asked about or ordered any Hobby Design parts so, I picked some items I thought would sell. I have also made a page just for Hobby Design items.

We can also buy Alfa Model kits direct now. So if you would like any of those please let us know.

We have also established an account with Renaissance now and the first order arrived, I am going to put a separate page on the website for Renaissance. I'm hoping that will make it easier to find things.

"Finishing Materials" page has been updated as has the 1:20 details page and 1:20 store.

Will have two new detail sets to announce for sale in approx. two months. I will be putting a new small order in with them this week. Stock has been updated on the website as well.

have announced a lot of new kits in 1:43 and 1:12 over the last few weeks. These can be found on the Pre-Order page. Communication with MFH is not what it used to be. I believe they have become very busy. I hope that improves.

The 1:12 GT40 kits will be arriving shortly. I did not order many as there was no response to the last request for orders.

The MP4/2C kits will be arriving soon as well. If you did not pre-order yours. Now is the time to order, before they are all gone.

The 1:12 Porsche 935 with PE will be arriving soon as well. Again if you want one order it now.

items are beginning to be restocked. I know there are a few of you waiting patiently for these. I will contact you when your items are ready to ship.


Mac, Don

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