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ACE Models #20008 Updated 8/23/06

Tyrrell 006 1973 Monaco GP + other versions

The contents of this kit are:

* Very clean resin parts
* White metal parts
* Injected rubber tires
* Detailed photo etched plate
* Complete decal sheet to build all the possible versions of the cars driven
by Jackie Stewart and François Cevért at the 1973 Monaco GP + additional
versions of all other 1973 races
* Complete and detailed instructions manual featuring all the assembling
phases of the kit + correct decals placement

This is a completely new kit not a re-issue of the original AMD model

In order to make you understand the main points that are totally new and
others that were corrected/upgraded in this new release of ACE Models,
below you will find a detailed list of them:

* front wing (resin) => correct shape of the scribing
* rear part of the body (resin) => angle was corrected
* rear wing (resin) => clean and correct shape
* front wheels (metal) => correct shape design
* engine and gearbox parts (metal) => totally remade including some
missing parts
* rear suspension arms (metal) => all parts were remade
* rear calipers (metal) => new parts
* rear wing support (metal) => remade featuring the correct shape
* rear reservoir (metal) => remade featuring the correct shape
* 4 new dampers featuring springs => new parts
* front stabilizer bar (metal) => new part
* rear stabilizer bar (metal) => remade featuring the correct shape
* dash board (metal) => remade featuring the correct shape
* gear shifter (metal) => remade featuring the correct shape
* seat belt central locker (metal) => new part
* exhaust supports (photo etched) => remade featuring the correct shape
* fixing belt of the rear reservoir (photo etched) => new part
* fuel fillers (photo etched) => new part
* decals => new, very clean printing without the pale (yellowed) parts
especially the white items