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K390, Honda NR500 elf5, 1988

Pictures courtesy of Model Factory Hiro.

The famous designer who designed F1 cars for Renault, Peugeot Sports Prototype, etc. in the 70s, André de Cortanze, was starting a project on designing a revolutionary brand new motor cycle, under the sponsorship from the French oil company elf in 1978.
At first the elf-X was debuted at the circuit, with a Yamaha TZ750 engine and the French Blue colouring in the same year of the project started. Then in 1984, the GP500 race machine, elf2, with Honda RS00 engine installed, and the following models elf3 in ’86 and elf4 in ’87 also raced the GP500 races.
Then to the year 1988. The elf5, as the last model of this project, was equipped with NSR500 V4 engine and raced by Ronald Haslam, finished in 7th position at round 2 (USA), round 9 (Belgium), and round 14 (Czechoslovakia), and 11th in the total ranking.

・The machine from the elf project is one of the most unique machine in GP history, and this full detail kit is based on the final model elf5.

・This full detailed kit keeps the characteristics of the elf machines like the single-sided suspension, and the front suspension will be consist of aluminum alloy and springs and will be partly movable.

・The installed engine ’87 NSR500 NV0D V4 will also be in the kit.

・Chain is made of photo etch sheets and injection plastic pins. To assemble the chain pieces by pieces, producing a realistic chain for your kit.

・Tyres, seat and grip are made of rubber with the texture of the real machine.

・The cowl cover is detachable and the interior parts can be seen.