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Just a final note before Christmas to thank you all for your business and friendship over the last few years, and wish for a better 2012 for all of us.

I also hope to see, well hear from, those of you in 2012, that have been absent for a while, due to these economic times; you have been noticeably absent and are missed, I wish only the best for the future for you.

I want to congratulate Michael "chongman" on his successful trip, this year, to the mighty Wizard of OZ and returned with a new heart!
Also to, Brian, Tim, Michael, Pascal, Steve and a few others that have increased the population this year...........hopefully some of them will become modelers as well. :)

Also, you may have heard the rumor that MFH sold out of the 1:12 Lotus 79 my surprise, that is true, which means the first run was probably no more than 100 pieces. They will be producing more though.

So, Merry Christmas and Happy (and prosperous) New Year! from Mac and Don at Mac's Modeling. Enjoy the Holidays and family, indulge the kids, over eat and drink, just open and enjoy your models and whatever else you get, just don't work on those kits until you sober up. ;) Remember where to spend that extra Christmas cash you get. ;)