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Mac's Modeling, LLC.
   4212 East Hearn Rd. Phoenix, AZ. 85032

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 Site Updated 05/31/2023.

The website for discerning modelers all over the World, who want more from their Hobby.
And the Home of

 Mac's Motoracing Models  &  Arizona Racing Models

Happy Model Searching!

Welcome to Mac's Modeling, LLC. For those of you who like to build and convert Formula 1 models from all over the World, including Die-casts. If you ever are in the area and want to stop by, just telephone, everyone is welcome! And now we offer some Military items, with amazing detail.

Mac's Modeling, serving up the best in models, decals and detail parts, where you will find there is something for everyone.

I try to surround myself with the best of everything. :) From left to right, Krista has the 1:43 kits, Lindsay is showing some detail parts, Randy and myself are offering the reference materials, Dave has the large Scale, Beta is showing the 1:20 kits and Deonna is displaying some of the Die-cast event models, which are quite rare these days. Please contact us, "Models are standing by" :)

My thanks to the   corporation. Unfortunately not many left, if any, for granting permission to me to use their uniforms and Logo, here and in these photographs, also the "Models" for displaying some of my offerings and putting up with the cold.  The temperature did drop very quickly while we were making the Home page. Thanks also, to my friend Randy Salo for supplying the Car  and spending more than  a race distance time, fully suited sitting in the Car, and Steve Mohlenkamp for taking care of the session and whole picture process.

Each year I make some changes to the website as I try to make it easier to navigate, because so many models and parts are available these days. There is a "Links" Page which allows you to check out the websites of the manufacturers, so if you see something there you want just ask me. There are also links to some customer websites which may have nothing to do with modeling.

If you are an existing customer you already receive the News Letter, which keeps you up-to-date on new releases and special prices. If you are not an existing customer, just check out the AZRM News page, which will give you similar information. Once you become a "Mac's Modeling" customer you will automatically receive the News Letter.

I hope you will still be able to navigate the website just as easily as before, but now with just a little more fun and enjoyment. While searching for Detail Parts , Driver figures and decals , Paints and finishing items , along with the Enhancement parts from , difficult to find decals , and reference material .I will also be offering a special service to make custom displays similar to this one. It includes the first three place cars, as raced, along with the program from the race. They can include a photograph of the podium, event car and any pins. You will have to supply me with the items you want in the display, unless it is something I have. You will find trans-kits and diorama detail parts. If you want Revival  look in the 1:20 store. If there is something you want but is not listed on the website just ask me . I will try to get it for you. The object of this website is to be service oriented, and in that vein supply you a "One Stop" source for models and parts and information from all over the world. I may be able to point you in the right direction as there are some models I am unable to carry. You can see from the different Stores I do carry kits from  , ,   , and some out-of production AMD. Some , and Revell kits. More will be added in the future.

I also carry Decals and detail parts from, , , Museum collection, , El Oso and some other rare companies. Driver figures come in scales; 1:43 by , 1:24 by , 1:20 by,  , , El Oso,  Tamiya, 1:12 by El Oso. Adding new products constantly.

There will be areas for "How-to" stuff like Die-cast conversions, (like the Jordan 911) getting the best from your decals and hair drier and many other topics.  Reference DVD's from and The website is a growing item and new items and pages will be added as it does so. I owe thanks to all my customers who have made this into a viable venture. Check out the "New Product" page frequently.




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